Sylvie Monette, Partner, Accounting Advisory Services, KPMG, Montreal

Interview with Mrs. Sylvie Monette, Partner, Accounting Advisory Services, KPMG, Montreal

Ms. Monette is an expert in the accounting of derivatives, hedge accounting and the identification of embedded derivatives.   Her experience is both global and deep.  She shares her knowledge through her teaching of the IFSID course on the accounting of derivatives.  The Newsletter recently met with her.

The Newsletter:  Ms. Monette, thank you for meeting with us.  You’re just back from Calgary?

Sylvie Monette : That’s right.  I work closely with energy and commodity companies.  As you can imagine, they are deeply involved in the derivatives markets and I help them benefit from a good understanding of the opportunities available to them in this respect.  Having said this, we are, at KPMG, experts throughout our network (in other words, globally) and so we can advise companies relative to all of the markets they happen to be active in.

The Newsletter:  What subjects come up more specifically?