Nicolas Papageorgiou, Professor of Finance, HEC Montreal

Interview with Nicolas Papageorgiou, Professor of Finance, HEC Montreal

Mr. Papageorgiou is a tenured faculty member in the department of Finance at HEC Montreal and is also head of research for HR Strategies, a Montreal-based asset management company.  In addition, he is responsible for delivering the IFSID’s introductory training course on derivatives.  The Newsletter has conducted with him the interview that follows.

The Newsletter:  Thank you for meeting with us, Mr. Papageorgiou.  Tell us more about yourself.

N Papageorgiou:  I completed my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Economics at the University of Montreal, and it was during my last year at U de M that my interest in Finance was sparked. Professor René Garcia’s graduate course in Financial Economics was my initiation to financial theory and was a defining factor in my decision to pursue further studies in Finance. After completing my dissertation with Professor Garcia, I decided to undertake a second Master’s degree in Finance at Imperial College in London. When I left for the UK, my intention was very much to work in the City after my Master’s degree. However, through a series of fortunate and unlikely circumstances, I found myself enrolled in the PhD programme at the University of Reading in 1998, where I had the pleasure of spending the next four years working with Prof. Frank Skinner, another expat Canadian, on developing models for pricing and hedging credit risk.