Mathieu Tanguay, Principal and Manager, Investment Consulting for Central Canada, Mercer

Interview with Mr. Mathieu Tanguay, Principal and Manager, Investment Consulting for Central Canada, Mercer

Mr. Tanguay energetically leads his career in investment consulting.  The IFSID is pleased to count him as one of its instructors, as Mr. Tanguay was charged with giving the first round of training on fixed income derivatives for the IFSID in Spring 2013.

The Newsletter: Mr. Tanguay, thank you for taking the time to speak with us.  Tell us more about your responsibilities, what keeps you busy.

Mathieu Tanguay:  In fact, I play two main roles:  first, as principal, I serve large-scale clients such as public organizations and Canadian retirement plans.  My clients are mainly located in or around Toronto and Montreal, as well as Ottawa and the Maritime provinces.  This leads me to travel in Canada of course, but also to the U.S. (to meet either executives of American corporations established in Canada, or to speak in conferences).  Second, I also manage the investment consulting practice for central Canada, based in Toronto.  This actually brings an altogether different set of challenges, mainly linked to human resources management, corporate strategic positioning and business development.

The Newsletter:  You clearly play a key role at Mercer.  More specifically, tell us a bit more about the challenges you face relative to your clients.