Luis Romero, Chief Executive Officer of EquiSoft inc.

Interview with Mr. Luis Romero, Chief Executive Officer of EquiSoft inc.

The Newsletter:  Thank you for meeting with us. Tell us more about EquiSoft.

L. Romero: EquiSoft was founded in 1994. We were initially two entrepreneurial IT professionals wishing to provide quality services to the market.  At that time, there were few high-quality software solutions and most software constituted custom-designed solutions.  And contrary to many service providers at the time, we have always remained the masters and designers of the solutions we have developed, rather than simply being  resource providers.  This has enabled us to develop a very strong corporate culture and implement high levels of creativity in our solutions.

We now control our own solutions.  As an example, WealthElements and InsuranceElements are solutions for the design of investment and life insurance proposals used by thousands of financial advisers in North and South America, among other regions.  As well, EquiSoft is an Oracle Assurance-certified integrator for the deployment of its back-office solution in life insurance and annuities.  We deploy this solution in North America, Europe and South Africa.

The Newsletter:  This is really impressive. You’ve been a longtime witness of the evolution of the Montreal financial sector, so tell us more about that aspect.