Alain Elkaim, Full-Time Lecturer, HEC Montréal

Interview with Mr. Alain Elkaim, Full-Time Lecturer, HEC Montréal.
Mr. Elkaim teaches the course on stock and index derivatives at the IFSID.

The Newsletter:  Thank you for meeting with us, Mr. Elkaim.  I understand you teach at HEC Montréal.

Alain Elkaim:  Indeed, I teach finance here since about ten years.  I’m also the manager of the trading room at HEC Montréal, a facility supported by the National Bank of Canada and equipped to allow our students to study and research in a realistic environment that’s rich with tools and financial information. Every year, 300 to 350 students from our three academic levels- B.B.A., M.Sc. and Ph.D.- attend and benefit from it.  I also am co-director of the Standard Life Fund with Professor Martin Boyer. Additionally, I supervise the CFA preparation courses offered on a continuing education basis to Montreal-based financial professionals. Previously, I had left during a year and a half to join Jacques Lussier’s team at DGIA (Desjardins International Asset Management).  I’ve started as a consultant in technical analysis, where I acted for 4 years as consultant on positions for institutional investors.  And I’m currently an instructor for the IFSID.

The Newsletter:  Share with us an element that you bring to your teaching, that’s important to you.