The IFSID*, based in Montreal, is a joint initiative of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, the Ministry of Finance, Finance Montréal and HEC Montréal. Launched in September 2011 with an initial budget of $15 million over 10 years, the IFSID aims to increase Montreal’s notoriety as a specialized market for derivatives and structured products. This leads to three dimensions to the IFSID’s activities: training, support to research and knowledge transfer activities. 

  1. The training program on derivatives

The IFSID offers a specific training program on derivatives. You can find the description of this program on p. 3. The IFSID also develops on-demand customized training seminars. Contact us for more information.

  1. Support to research

The IFSID supports several research programs through its calls for projects. In addition to the relevance of the research themes and the quality of research personnel, the IFSID will prioritize projets with clear benefits to the Montreal-based financial sector.

  1. Knowledge transfer activities

The IFSID programs events (colloquia, conferences), and develops publications to supply relevant information to industry participants.

Website: www.ifsid.ca